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At HM Hotels, we wish to further consolidate our commitment to the environment and to the local community and regions where we operate. For this purpose, following efforts throughout the years to reduce our environmental impact, we have developed a Sustainability Management System (SMS) that integrates all the company’s different processes so that we can achieve our environmental goals as effectively as possible.   

To integrate the SMS in the company’s every-day activities, we have created our own brand: The PLANET by HM Hotels. Because it is up to everyone to bring about change

What do we want to achieve?

The PLANET by HM hotels takes sustainability into account in all the company’s different activities: in design processes, in our facilities, in energy, water, refrigerant gases, the generation of waste, resource management, consumption and squandered resources, the conservation of biodiversity, carbon footprints, the impact of our activities on the local community, and in the fields of employment and finance. The goals for the first year of the programme’s implementation are:


To put core aspects of the programme into effect in a cross-cutting way


Employment: To promote the wellbeing of our teams of staff and to foster training


The environment: To measure our carbon footprint and to improve trends in consumption and waste management


To set in motion a plan to promote the local community, based on different courses of action.

How we’ll do this


By controlling and reducing energy consumption


By controlling and reducing our carbon footprint


By reducing our water footprint and ensuring efficient use of water


By controlling and reducing the generation of waste


Through sustainable purchases and a reduction in wasted food


By promoting social development


By promoting our staff’s personal and professional development


By minimizing our environmental impact


Implementing the digitalisation of our processes

What we have achieved to date

None of this is new for us. In recent years, different action has been taken to improve the sustainability of our activities:

  1. Compiled records of the amount of laundered bed linen, towels etc. and the mean amount per guest per day


  2. Compiled digital records and digital control of energy consumption

    Compiled records and the control of water consumption per stay

    The introduction of re-usable drinking glasses

    Re-usable water bottles for all the company staff

    The digitalization of data relating to swimming pools and sanitary water

    Training in digital technology for staff


  3. The use of 100% renewable energy supplies

    Collaboration with the HotelBreak platform

    Energy efficiency reforms at Whala!Fun


  4. The digitalization of information for guests, using QR codes and digital screens


  5. The installation of solar panels for self-consumption at HM Jaime III and HM Dunas Blancas


  6. The creation of The PLANET: our global sustainability management system

    The introduction of a waste sorting system for all potentially hazardous waste


  7. In 2023 we have continued working to ensure that our ThePLANet Programme continues to be present in the daily operations of our team and palpable for our guests, involving them in being protagonists of change.

    Incorporation of biodegradable materials in offices.

    Digitalisation of our consumption through the EISI platform.

    Sustainability training for 716 team members in collaboration with Preverisk.

    Installation of solar panels in HM Jaime III, Dunas Blancas and Ayron Park hotels.

    Reinforcement of the implementation of ThePLANet programme through Preverisk visits.

    Donation of 2331.5kg of furniture, of which 2018kg were reused by the Deixalles Foundation.

    Maintenance and expansion of social collaborations in the Balearic Islands and the Caribbean.

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Action aimed at bringing about change

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